Snoopy Piano Music Box

  • $59.00


  • Snoopy & Woodstock sitting on the piano listening to the music
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  • Snoopy rotates in circles as the music plays
  • Turn Snoopy to start the music box
  • Hand crafted
  • Base and parts made from real wood
  • Japan Sankyo movement
  • No batteries required, wind up the music box using the key on its base
  • Fully assembled
  • Plays the song "Kommt Ein Vogel Geflogen"
  • *IMPORTANT* All the wooden Peanuts products' production will end. Purchase while supplies last. These will not be available in the near future***
  • Orders will be processed based on the first come first serve basis. Full amount will be refunded if the item is no longer available. 


Material: Wood, Plastic, Steel, Iron

Product Dimension: 9 x 7 x 10 CM

*When turning the key, avoid turning it to the very end to prolong the product's service life.



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