Peanuts 70th Anniversary Exhibition!

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To celebrate Peanuts 70th Anniversary, exhibitions are currently being held in two Taiwanese cities. A lot of Peanuts products are also available for purchase. Since it is the Peanuts 70th Anniversary, a lot of the merchandise have the retro design that pays homage to the earlier artworks of Charles Schulz. Check out the photos below = )

 The grand entrance to the exhibition!

A statue of the 1950 Snoopy

Visitors can take seats in the classroom along with the Peanuts Gang!

This is a HUGE Peanuts capsule machine. You can get bags, throw pillows, and plush dolls as prizes. 

Visitors can also create customized Peanuts stickers and bracelets from these two machines. 

 A lot of people attending the exhibition

 Merchandise area


At the Peanuts 70th Anniversary event, visitors can take a closer look at how the designs of Peanuts Gang members transformed throughout the years. It's also a great opportunity to take photos with Peanuts Gang character meet and greet or with the statues shown in the photos. After all that, visitors can check out a wide variety of Peanuts merchandise available for purchase. Hopefully more Peanuts-themed exhibition will be held in the future!

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